About us


Welcome to Maverick Business Solutions. A Business  born with a BIG DREAM.

Maverick Business Solution came into life in early 2019 when the first COVID 19 pandemic was announced. We realised there is huge potential in the digital industry that can be improved. But, there was always a bad experience for the business owner in the past dealing with a digital agency. We decided to change this ideology. We take it as there will be only one opportunity and we want to do it right. This is when MAVERICK was born.

Our approach to digital world is centred around learning & growing with our customers

More than a digital agency, we call ourselves a business solutions provider. We love solving business issues with digital solutions. Not every digital agency work this way. We cover A-Z in digital solution to not have to go through few different companies to solve your problem.

Maverick Business Solutions are dedicated to our customer’s success and would always love to see them grow. We look at your business as our own, so we put our heart and mind towards it.

Our VISION is to become the most successful digital agency in New Zealand, and our MISSION is to make our customer succeed in their business.

Our Company Structure

We have made a difference in the IT company structure. Our work is focused on world-class quality and prices are based on a combination of shore and inland minds working together.

This means that you get the best quality for an affordable price.


We provide our solution based on researches. We spend time understanding our customer’s need carefully to address the right area where customers need our assistant.


We educate our self every day with new technologies and how to create a better business solution. Education doesn’t end us. We also teach our customers the ABC of the digital world, so you as a customer knows what you are getting.


Every single second and minute, there is a new technology been introduced to the business world. But choosing what is suitable and valuable can take a fair amount of time and research. So we consistently spend time to understand and implement new technologies to suit our customer’s needs.

Let’s Start Planning

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!